Youth Apprenticeship Intermediaries play a vital role in expanding and strengthening Registered Apprenticeship for the youth at the state, regional, and national level. The four Intermediaries - CYAI, JFF, net.America and Urban Institute - and the YARG grantees can work together to develop and/or strengthen youth apprenticeship programs by infusing the apprenticeship model as the “go-to” career readiness human capital solution for various career paths through the following activities:
  • Train youth apprentices across various industries
  • Increase youth apprenticeship brand awareness
  • Host employer/industry meetings and conferences
  • Connect high school students to employers under a Registered Apprenticeship program
  • Integrate youth apprenticeship into school systems
  • Create new apprenticeship programs or expand existing ones
  • Develop best practices and success stories
Through the first year of their contracts, the youth intermediaries have identified and tested intentional strategies to reach traditionally underrepresented population and diversify the pipeline of talent into high-skill, high-demand occupations.
For more information on the Youth Apprenticeship Intermediaries, one-pagers for each may be found at the links below.