May Webinar Clarifies Sustainability

The May webinar conveyed the message that sustainability is a task that should be considered from Day One, and not something to postpone until the latter years of the grant. DOL/ETA moderator Sheila Lewis and grantee coach Mike Laidlaw broke down the concept into the three components of planning, mindset, and execution. Among the important take-aways:

  • Include sustainability in the early strategic planning of a program.
  • Make it part of the organizational mindset.
  • Evaluate components, practices, and impact to determine what to sustain and to move toward continuous improvement.
  • Develop and maintain strong partnerships to enhance long-term growth.

Grantees CareerWise and Trident Technical College described their own approaches to sustainability, offering examples of how sustainability plans can be implemented and how they will vary depending on a program’s individual needs and circumstances.