One of the best ways to distinguish your program is by sharing compelling success stories. In addition to highlighting achievements and raising visibility, success stories can:

  • Motivate youth participants to join the program.
  • Help you engage with employer partners.
  • Aide in securing additional funding.
  • Allow you to share best practices.
  • Improve staff morale.
  • Serve as a powerful marketing tool to raise awareness of your program.

This page is dedicated to empowering YARG grantees to write and share impactful success stories.


Quick-Start Success Story Guide

The Quick-Start Success Story Guide takes you through the process of collecting stories, telling you exactly what information to gather and providing examples. This fill-in-the-blank template has all the instructions needed, so you can just pass it on to your recruitment manager, case managers, or other points of contact.



1. Northwest Florida State College