The virtual trainings included provide technical assistance (TA) strategies to YARG grantees to assist them in achieving programmatic objectives. Focus areas of support include, but are not limited to, strategies that:

  • increase participant enrollment and retention;
  • support case management efficiencies;
  • aide in establishing and strengthening employer partnerships.

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Youth Apprenticeship Readiness – Grantee Orientation | August 19, 2020
This introduction to the Youth Apprenticeship Readiness Grants (YARG) is an excellent resource for reference and review, especially for programs that have experienced some staff turnover.

Technical Assistance Kick-Off for Youth Apprenticeship Readiness Grantees | September 16, 2020
This TA kick-off briefed YARG grantees on the programmatic TA activities, services, and resources that they could expect throughout the grant period and how they would be delivered.

Promising Practices for Program Implementation | October 28, 2020
This webinar presented practices and strategies that ensure the successful implementation and sustainability of YARG apprenticeship programs. Recommended practices are aligned with YARG’s Six Core Elements and Success Factors. 

Effective Recruitment and Outreach Strategies | November 19, 2020
This session provided grantees with proven strategies that could be relied on to advance their recruitment goals. YARG technical assistance coaches outlined the foundational principles of effective recruitment and outreach and their impact on retention.

Sustaining Your YARG Program | May 12, 2021
This webinar breaks down the concept of sustainability into the three components of planning, mindset, and execution with a focus on early planning, continuous evaluation and maintaining partnerships. 

YARG Performance Accountability and Reporting | February 03, 2021
This indispensable learning session lays out all the details of YARG performance accountability. It explains what performance reporting is, why it is so important and it defines important terms while guiding grantees through all nine YARG-specific indicators of performance.

Telling Your Story: Branding Your YARG Program March 10, 2021
This webinar provides a toolkit that grantees can use to increase program awareness and facilitate participant recruitment, employer and industry partnerships, and community involvement. It conveys two equally important lessons: (1) how to create success stories that illustrate the value of your program and (2) how to use marketing techniques to reach your target audience.