YARG grantees are required to submit quarterly financial, performance, and narrative reports, as well as an annual report. The resources below will help YARG grantees submit accurate reports and troubleshoot common reporting challenges.

Quarterly Financial Reporting

  • Financial Reporting Resources – Provides links to the required forms and instructions, as well as resources to help grantees understand their financial reporting requirements.

Quarterly Performance Reporting

  • YARG grantees that have begun serving participants should follow the guidance and information provided on the Apprenticeship Grants Performance Reporting Tab, which provides all resources related to quarterly performance reporting in the Workforce Integrated Performance System (WIPS).
  • YARG grantees that do not yet have participants to report should continue to submit QPRs using the YARG Interim Reporting Template and Instructions (available under Related Content).

Quarterly Narrative Reporting

  • YARG grantees should continue to use the interim QNR template (available under Related Content).
  • Effective with the reporting period July 1, 2021 - September 30, 2021, YARG grantees will use the revised QNR template approved on May 2021 (available under related content in Word and PDF formats).  Instead of submitting the QNR via email, YARG grantees will now upload their QNR into WIPS (regardless of the number of participants enrolled in the program).

YARG Annual Report

Technical Assistance Aides

  • Apprenticeship Definition of Exit (available under Related Content)
  • Types of Individuals (available under Related Content)
  • Reportable Individuals:  Interpretation and Application Across Apprenticeship Grants (Released 9/2021 - available under Related Content)

General YARG Reporting Resources

  • The new WIPS Designation Form! Beginning September 1, 2021, Grantee Authorized Representatives should use this new PDF to request WIPS access for YARG grants.
  • ASE Grantee FAQs – Includes many questions related to YARG tracking and reporting.


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